Kayihura orders probe into Clock Tower land wrangles

Kale Kayihura
Inspector General of Police, Lieutenant General Kale Kayihura

The Inspector General of Police, Lieutenant General Kale Kayihura ordered for an investigation into the ownership of the land at Clock Tower.

The 11-acre piece of land is at the centre of a bitter row between two Tabliq community factions led by Sheik Amir Sulaiman Kakeeto and Sheik Muhammad Kamoga respectively.

Last Friday, police deployed heavily at Clock Tower after a section of the Muslim youth under Sheik Kamoga declared a Jihad on the land, threatening to reclaim it from city businessman Hassan Basajjabalaba and Kayihura today directed William Kototyo, the commissioner of police in charge of land protection unit, to establish the true owner of the Clock Tower land.

Kayihura also instructed the two parties to cooperate during the investigations and to avail the police with substantive documents and authentic statements regarding the ownership of the land.

Sheik Sulaiman Kakeeto said at the Clock Tower Mosque that the land belongs to the Uganda Muslim Tabliq community where he is the leader. He boosted of having all the documents in relation to the ownership of this land.

Kakeeto insisted that he has not sold any part of the land saying he only entered a joint venture with Hassan Basajjabalaba to redevelop the land. He also dismissed any personal dealings and wrangles in the ownership of the land.

But Sheik Muhammad Kamoga said the original owners of the land were the Indian Muslim Sports Club adding that during the 1972 expulsion of the Indians, President Idi Amin Dada gave the entire 11 acre piece of land to the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

He said when government returned the Indian property, the 99 year lease was expiring, and Sulaiman Kakeeto, then a trustee, applied for the land and both the Uganda Land Commission, and then Kampala City Council granted a lease for the same land to the Uganda Tabliq Community.

According to Kamoga the land has since then shifted from Uganda Tabliq Community to 3 of Hassan Basajjabalaba’s companies, including Uganda Meat Packers, Hats Express and  the title is now under Travelers Choice Limited, who have fenced off the land. He insisted as a Muslim he cannot allow Muslim property to be abused.

Kototyo said investigations shall commence immediately to avoid any bloodshed in the area. He said on Wednesday a team of investigators shall be on the ground to gather information in relation to the land.

-Uganda Radio Network