No food for Makerere students during break

Professor Nawangwe, the Makerere University Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration at his office.
Professor Nawangwe, the Makerere University Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration at his office. Courtesy Photo.

Makerere University has asked students who will remain on campus during the one week residential break to fend for themselves. The university however says that food will be served to government students only who must have registered that they will remain during the break.

Prior to the reopening of the university in January this year, the Makerere university council in an effort to return to the normal semester schedule, resolved to pass a one week residential break from which students will cross from semester one to semester two of the 2016/2017 academic year.

As opposed to the normal academic year where students have a one and a half months vacation, this year students will only have one week from February 20-26 to report for the second semester.

In his circular dated February 13, Stephen Kateega, the Deputy Dean of Students to wardens of all halls of students residence, said all student residents in halls of residence were free to either remain or go home during the graduation week as provided they were willing to abide by the university regulations.

“All residents should register with the wardens’ office, clearly indicating whether they are staying in or moving out during the break,” said Kateega.

He noted that although six food courts in Africa, Galloway, Kabanyolo, Nkrumah/Nsibirwa, University Hall and Mary Stuart will remain open, they will only provide food to students on the pre-agreed terms.

Adding that; “The semester 1 meals will end with breakfast on Monday. The first meal for semester 2 will be supper on February 26th.

Samalie Evryn Ziribagwa, a 3rd year medical student and also Chair Lady of Africa Hall has said that although there was a communication passed that students were not going to receive meals, only government students who will remain around during the break will be catered for.

“We have already been briefed to register students in our halls for those who wish to remain around during the residential break. Private students are being registered separately from government sponsored and the dean of students has clarified that meals will be provided to them,” Ziribagwa said.

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration at Makerere University told URN last evening that the university will not further stress the service providers to provide meals to students when the semester has already been over stretched.

He further noted that because this is a short break, permission will be granted to those who wish to stay around to stay but at their own cost.

Students however express worries over security of their property during the residential break as halls of residence will be left open.

Owen Natukunda, a student’s leader and a resident of Lumumba has said that with the large numbers of visitors expected to be at university during graduation period, security of the property of students who will go home must be secured.

Natukunda questioned why students will not be given food yet food courts and catering companies that will continue operating during the residential break have a waiver on rent, electricity and water.

– Uganda Radio Network