Govt must resolve Amuru – Adjumani border dispute – Moses Ali

Amuru - Adjumani border conflict
Women undressed before government officials who had gone to open boundaries between Amuru and Adjumani districts last year. Land disputes were listed among top concerns in the Northern region. Courtesy Photo.

The First Deputy Prime Minister General Moses Ali has called for government intervention to resolve an ongoing conflict between residents of Amuru and Adjumani districts.

His call comes after three people, who were working in their different gardens in Apaa, Amuru district were reportedly shot at with arrows by unknown people. The three are nursing injuries at Lacor Hospital.

The conflict started after part of Pabbo Sub County, in Amuru district was forcefully demarcated as part of Adjumani district in 2015 amidst protests from Amuru residents. Several persons got injured in the process of this demarcation.

Moses Ali, a native of Adjumani, says the conflict is now deadly and called for government intervention to bring the two sides to table.

Moses Ali added that he was wrongfully accused as having facilitated the recent attacks and fighting between the locals.

“Nobody saw me giving panga’s, and sticks to these people. I suggested to the Prime Minister that we have an independent process by Government. Because that is no longer my area and I no longer border Amuru which is at the centre” Ali said.

His statement came after Kilak North MP Anthony Akol raised the matter before parliament making reference to arrests and the torching of homes in the area. Similarly, Kilak South MP Gilbert Olanya also pointed fingers at Moses Ali claiming he was at the centre of the attacks and subsequent destruction.

Jacob Oulanyah, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament said that the matters need to be resolved urgently so that communities can live in harmony.

“If we need to revisit the gazetting of the area as game, we should bring it here and change it so the people can live in harmony” Oulanyah added.