Justice Owiny Dollo sworn in as new Uganda’s Deputy Chief Justice

Justice Owiny Dollo sworn in as new Uganda's Deputy Chief Justice
Justice Owing Dollo taking oath as new Deputy Chief Justice. Courtesy Photo/PPU.

President Yoweri Museveni has sworn in new Deputy Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny Dollo, at a function held at State House, Entebbe on Saturday 30th, September 2017.

Museveni called for discipline within the three arms of the state: Executive, Judiciary and Legislature. “Discipline is crucial. If implemented by all the arms of the State, the country will move forward,” he said, adding that he instilled discipline in the armed forces, in spite of their low salaries.

“If the Judiciary is disciplined in fighting corruption, the citizens of your country would be happy.”

The President said he is aware of some of the Judiciary challenges like personnel number and workload. He however, said some impact could be registered with the limited resources.

“You do not have to be everywhere… you can utilise the meager resources to do more because not all cases are the same. You may for instance prioritise murder, rape, defilement and commercial cases,” he said.

Earlier, the Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, thanked the President for “injecting fresh blood in the Judiciary Top Management.” The CJ appealed to the President to give the Judiciary another push to ensure that the Administration of Judiciary Bill as well as supporting the issue of officers retiring with all their full benefits.

The president said he supports the tabling of the Administration of the Judiciary Bill – a legislation that would ensure financial and administration independence of the Judiciary, and reiterated his position on officers retiring with their full benefits.

He equally said he supports the idea of judicial officers having to retire with their benefits, adding that if funds are unavailable now, “a commencement date could be agreed.”

Different speakers including the Attorney General, Mr. William Byaruhanga, thanked the outgoing DCJ, Steven Kavuma for his dedicated service to his country.

According to Justice Katureebe, he and Justice Kavuma were in the same university class together in 1971 and joined the Attorney General’s Chambers together in 1975.