Unfulfilled pledges dominate age limit consultations in Nakaseke

Unfulfilled pledges dominate age limit consultations in Nakaseke
Age limit consultations. Courtesy Photo.

Residents of Nakaseke South constituency have rejected the constitutional amendments seeking to remove the presidential age cap from the constitution.

Area member of parliament, Luttamaguzi Ssemakula on Monday evening invited residents of Nakaseke, Kasangombe and Nakaseke town council for a consultation meeting. They converged at Nakaseke sub-county grounds.

Luttamaguzi presented to them a bill, seeking to amend Article 102(b) of the 1995 constitution which bars anyone below 35 or above 75 from contesting for the presidency.

After the presentation, Luttamaguzi asked the residents to discuss whether he should support the amendments or oppose them in Parliament.

Speaker, after speaker asked him to reject the amendments saying the move, is only targeting President Yoweri Museveni who has failed to compensate them and fulfill other pledges.

Mikail Kibalama, a resident of Kibaale village in Kasangombe sub-county said that he gave out 36 head of cattle to the National Resistance Army (NRA) fighters after then rebel fighter President Yoweri Museveni promised to compensate him once he captures power.

Kibalama added that 30 years after the war, Museveni has failed to fulfill a pledge and he doesn’t see any reason why he should extend his rule.

“He has never paid back my cows. I first gave him 11 cows and another 25 later. I have waited for payment all these years but he has never paid me. I have put Museveni in God’s hands. Only God can handle Museveni because like former president Idi Amin and Milton Obote he thinks is mightier than all mighty”, he said.

Daniel Mukasa, another resident of Kasagga village told Luttamaguzi that his father Simon Ssegamwenge lost tones of coffee to facilitate President Museveni’s struggle with the hope that he will compensate them upon assuming office.

Simon Ssebatta, a veteran said that they joined the NRA thinking that their welfare will improve but to date, they are still languishing in abject poverty.

Ssebatta also accused Museveni of hoodwinking them that they were fighting for the restoration of democracy.

Other residents led Yulian Namata a resident of Naluya village in Kasangombe sub-county said that they thought that the NRM regime would guarantee their rights to land ownership but have since been disappointed.

Later MP Luttamaguzi put the matter to vote and residents unanimously agreed to reject the amendments. Luttamaguzi said that residents were tired of waiting for unfulfilled pledges.