Kabale hospital hit by HIV/Aids drugs stock-outs

Kabale hospital hit by HIV/Aids drugs stock-outs

Kabale regional referral hospital has run out of Aluvia, the second line antiretroviral drug. Aluvia achieves durable viral suppression in three-quarters of patients using it.

One of the people living with HIV/Aids from Bugongi in Northern Division in Kabale municipality told this publication on condition of anonymity that he hasn’t been able to access the medicine since late last month.

He says the failure to access the drug might have far reaching implications on his life. Another person living with HIV/Aids that our reporter found stranded at Kabale hospital said he was left with no option but to consider buying the drug from a private pharmacy to save his life.

Immaculate Mandela, the acting Kabale district health officer, says most of the health center III’s and IV’s in the district have run out of the Aluvia drug. She says although the drug is available in private pharmacies most of the people living with HIV/Aids can’t afford it because they are impoverished.

According to Mandela, they have alerted the ministry of health and National Medical Stores (NMS) requesting for immediate intervention.

Dr Sophie Namasopo, the director Kabale hospital, says at least 262 HIV patients at the facility are enrolled on Aluvia.

“The stock-out of second line HIV drugs I think has been a national problem but we’ve been trying to do re-allocations like collecting from other clinics that have and are not using it currently. That is how we have been trying to offset the shortfall. Nonetheless the pharmacist made an emergence order to NMS for the second line ARVs because they are now in the country,” she said.