Kyambogo to cancel results of 1000 students over forged exam permits

Kyambogo to cancel results of 1000 students over forged exam permits
Prof Eli Katunguka

Kyambogo University has threatened to cancel the end of semester examination results of over 1000 students accused of forging examination cards.

According to Prof Eli Katunguka, the Kyambogo vice chancellor, at least 20 per cent of the students in the university didn’t complete their tuition and functional fees as required for one to sit end of semester exams.

“So many students essentially should not have been sitting exams but what we also note that many of them went on to forge examination cards. I have been talking to these students and if this happens to be the case, any student who sat exams without the authority his or her results will be cancelled and that student will face disciplinary measures and prosecution of forged documents to gain entry into the examination room,” said Katunguka.

The university has a total enrollment of 23,000 students at he main campus and another 45,000 students at affiliated institutions like Primary Teachers Colleges and National Teachers Colleges. According to Katunguka, non-payment of tuition is a recurrent problem at the university.

“The students are quite funny, they come with the fees and keep the money. They don’t pay it and towards the end of the semester when the exams are beginning, that is when they are rushing to pay the money. I’m told some of them go to these sports betting hoping that they will win some money. Many of them lose it there. Some boys bring the money and share it with their girlfriends. So many students get into trouble and when that happens to them, the immediate thing they think of is going to forge exam permits,” added Katunguka.

The problem of forging examination cards is not unique to Kyambogo University. Recently, Makerere University deployed police and sniffer dogs to stop tuition defaulters from accessing the examination halls.

At Kampala University, students were required to present their national IDs cards instead of the university identification cards on top of examination permits. Only students with sound excuses were allowed to access the examination halls without presenting their national identity cards.

However, Katunguka says it is hard to conduct a thorough check of students at the university as they enter the examination halls because of the high numbers.