Age Limit: General Muhoozi admits ordering siege on Parliament of Uganda

Age Limit: General Muhoozi admits ordering siege on Parliament of Uganda
The Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. David Muhoozi

The Chief of Defense Forces, General David Muhoozi has admitted that he okayed the siege on parliament by members of the Special Forces Command (SFC) last year.

Muhoozi, the fourth witness for cross-examination at the Constitutional Court hearing in Mbale said he allowed the deployment following a request from the then Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura.

Muhoozi submitted that Kayihura had told him that there was an emergency that needed a joint operation with the Police. He said the emergency was in the estimation of the Police who called for the intervention of the Army.

The Petitioner’s lawyer, Lasidilus Rwakafuzi challenged General David Muhoozi on whether the National Security Council had Okayed to the alleged state of emergency.

Rwakafuzi asked General Muhoozi on whether he was aware that the invasion of the military into Parliament was taking away subservient powers of parliament over the military.

Muhoozi shot back saying the army was there to restore the integrity of Parliament. His response attracted murmurs and then laughter in the fully packed courtroom. A number of FDC party leaders and MPS were in attendance.

Rwakafuzi said the UPDF invasion of Parliament was aimed at intimidating MPs who were due to debate the constitutional amendment Bill.

But Muhoozi insisted that they went there to support police to enforce law and order. Muhoozi was pointed to the fact that the National Security Council had not approved the said state of emergency.

He said he was not aware of the legal requirement that such a deployment had to be approved by the National Security Council.

Further challenged by Rwakafuzi on whether the deployment had been agreed to by the Speaker of Parliament, Muhoozi said he did not have to seek the Speaker’s permission because the Speaker was above him.

He said he not also consult with the Sergeant at Arms, who officially is the Head of parliament under the Commonwealth Parliamentary practice.

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