Red Cross warns of suspected cholera outbreak in Kampala

Red Cross warns of suspected cholera outbreak in Kampala
Uganda's health minister says 73% of Ugandans don't wash hands after using toilet, upping cholera risk

There is a suspected cholera outbreak in Makindye Division in Kampala, according to the Uganda Red Cross Society.

In a short message shared in a closed URCS what Sapp group, Red Cross says it has received alerts through its U-report system of a suspected cholera outbreak in Kampala.

“Most of the suspected cases are coming from Makindye division through Kiruddu hospital,” reads the message. Adding that, “through our CP3 project for Epidemic and Pandemic disease surveillance, we are coordinating with MOH which advises that all suspected cases including confirmed cases once results are out be treated at Naguru Hospital.”

According to the text, six suspected cholera cases are currently in isolation at Naguru hospital receiving treatment. “Six samples were shipped to Central Public Health Laboratories (CPHL) for culture and sensitivity,” reads the text.

It notes that because of the historical complexity of responding to Cholera outbreaks in Kampala, risk communication and some aspects of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) campaign may need to start immediately.

Red Rross notes that it has already prepared its Kampala Branches to start preparations for response. “We will send out our Volunteers to roll out social mobilization (door to door sensitisations) in communities affected and those at risk within Kampala until the ministry declares Kampala Cholera free.”