Archbishop Ntagali reiterates stand against homosexuality

Archbishop Ntagali reiterates stand against homosexuality
Stanley Ntagali, the Archbishop of Church of Uganda

Stanley Ntagali, the Archbishop of Church of Uganda has reiterated his stand against homosexuality, saying it is unchristian. Addressing Christians at Ezuku in Vurra Archdeaconry during Centenary celebrations of the Anglican faith in Madi and West Nile diocese over the weekend, Ntagali said the Word of God that white missionaries brought to Uganda doesn’t recognise same sex marriages.

The first African Inland Missionaries who came from the Church of England arrived in West Nile through Zaire (now DRC) on June 24th 1918. They fell sick and pitched camp at Ezuku where they set up the foundation for the Madi and West Nile Diocese in the late 1960s.

In his speech, Ntagali noted that many young people in the Western world have resorted to spreading the message of same sex marriages instead of emulating what the bible tells Christians to do. He called on Christians in Madi and West Nile and the diocese of Nebbi to focus on Christ and start a new Centenary with open and believing hearts.

Speaking in Lugbara on behalf of West Nile Legislators, Maureen Osoru, the Arua Woman Member of Parliament, warned Christians against witchcraft, saying the 100 years of faith should make them start a new life full of forgiveness, truth and unity.

She called for reconciliation among people with differences especially in families.

“Some of us here and when at home we do different things. The Bishop told us here if you have been a thief stop it, if you have hated someone, love them and if you have been finding fault from people using witchcraft, let the fire of God descend on you and the witch doctor and burn all of you.”

The council of bishops and the Christians blessed Amaria Kenazi from Wandi village in Terego County and Neria Olua who are now 106 years old as a testimony for having lived before the Gospel came to West Nile.

Delegations of Christians from the Arch Diocese of Morobo in South Sudan led by Archbishop Wani and DR Congo led by the Archbishop of Aru’ Archdiocese, Canon Mega David Adoroti graced the centenary celebrations.