False alarm causes panic at President Museveni’s rally

False alarm causes panic at President Museveni's rally
President Yoweri Museveni

A rally held by President Yoweri Museveni in the newly created Kassanda district last evening was interrupted by chaos and panic, following a false alarm by a group of women.

President Museveni had visited the district to deliver a financial literacy talk to youth groups as they celebrated the first district’s youth day last evening. But a section of women reportedly saw something that they thought was a snake, crawling towards them and set off an alarm that triggered a scuffle in the audience.

Some ran towards the Presidents direction, others, were looking for the nearest exit from the playground and a few others remained put, probably waiting for action from the Special Forces Command (SFC) – an elite unit of the army that is in charge of the president’s security.

The panic was augmented when one of the president’s guards cocked his pistol driving some of the residents far away from the playground. One person was injured in the scuffle.

The president who stood still observing the happenings wondered why the youth could fear such small things and cause a stampede.

The president ordered the officers to take the injured woman to his ambulance where she briefly received first aid before she was driven away.

This is the second time that such events are seen at a meeting presided over by President Yoweri Museveni. The first one was in Mukono district, where, a snake was seen crawling towards the president’s tent before it was reportedly killed by SFC officers.

The President continued his lecture on development and financial literacy as soon as order was restored. He advised the youth to have financial discipline, avoiding wasting money on lavish weddings and alcoholism. He donated 260 million Shillings to thirteen youth groups in the area.