Uganda’s high taxes killing radio business – Rev Fr Echogu

microphone in radio studio

Rev Fr. Robert Echogu, the coordinator of Soroti Catholic Diocese Social Communications Commission (SOCCOM) has decried the high taxes on radio stations. SOCCOM operates Kyoga Veritas Radio and Delta Fm Radio stations, both based in Soroti town.

Fr. Echogu says they are choking with taxes. Apparently, each radio station pays Shillings 9 million for license renewal from Shillings 1.6 million annually and another fee for the spectrum in addition to Pay As You Earn (PAYE) among many others. According to Fr. Echogu, the high taxes have forced management to downsize its staff.

A tax is not a voluntary payment or donation, but an enforced contribution imposed by government. Fr. Echogu says there is need to empower the people of Teso to a level of money makers rather than being consumers.

Abraham Elayu, the General Manager of SOCCOM confirmed to this publication that so far UCC has suddenly issued them with a demand note of Shillings 9 million for the renewal of their licenses.