Ugandan government to take over Busoga University

Ugandan government to take over Busoga University
Busoga University

The State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysestom Muyingo has said Ugandan government is in the process of taking over the closed Busoga University.

Muyingo says that a team of officials from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and auditors have been dispatched to the university to expedite the process of enabling it to become a public university by the end of this year.

Speaking to journalists on Friday 22nd at the University, Muyingo said that officials from the Education Ministry have embarked on a drive to register students with genuine academic documents.

He also said that the team from NCHE will also make a detailed report on the state of the university and present it to the ministry.

“Government is working around the clock to make sure that the former Busoga University becomes a public university. At the moment, our team from the National Council for Higher Education, and a team from the Auditor Generals’s office is in Iganga to try to establish what government is taking over in terms of property, in terms of indebtedness, in terms of other resources. As you are aware, the university was heavily indebted. So we’re trying to establish these debts and then NCHE is trying to establish the academic records of the genuine students. The ones with genuine records will be helped to join other universities,” said Muyingo.

In December 2016, NCHE revoked the provisional license of Busoga University which has been operation since 1998 on a number of grounds.

NCHE accused the university of awarding fake degrees, which prompted it to cancel more than 1,000 degrees awarded to students, recruiting unqualified academic staff and accumulated debts among others contrary to the Universities and Other Tertiary Intuitions Act.

At the time of the closure, the university was highly indebted and lacked funds to sustain the daily operational costs of the institution. Busoga University was operating under the control of Busoga Diocese at the time of closure. Muyingo said the university shouldn’t be admitting any students until it becomes operational.