Christians asked to shun social media during Lent

Christians asked to shun social media during Lent
Social Media user. Courtesy Photo

Christians have been urged to avoid social media during the Lent period. The call was made by Fr. Pius Yobuta, the Parish Priest of Christ the King parish Arua town.

Speaking during the Ash Wednesday mass on 6th March, Yobuta told Christians to avoid social media sites like Facebook and WhatsApp.

“Desist from things which are not correct, you can even fast by avoiding Social Media sites…. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, where you get all sorts of things,” Fr. Yobuta told the Christians at Christ the King Church in Arua.

He also urged Christians to pray for a new life, be sorrowful for their sins, mend relationships with neighbours and forgive one another during the Lenten Period.

In Kasese, the Bishop Kasese Catholic Diocese Rt. Rev Francis Aquirinus Kibira cautioned Christians against improper use of mobile phones.

Bishop Kibira sounded the warning during Ash Wednesday prayers at Kasese Catholic Cathedral in Kasese town.

Kibira’s warning came after a phone rang during mass. He wondered why Christians were not committing to God during mass.

He said many people are spending a lot of time on social media at the expense of not only their relationship with God but also with fellow human beings.

Kibira then ordered all Christians to switch off their phones and pay attention to the word of God.

He also asked Christians to always create time to pray as a family in order to bring them closer to God. Kibira urged Christians to use the Lent Season to reflect on how they lead their lives and also their relationship with God.

Bishop Kibira also challenged believers in Christ to use the lent period to not only fast but also do charitable activities especially to the weak and needy in society.

Ash Wednesday according to the Catholic Doctrine is the beginning of 40 Days of fasting in commemoration of the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness before he was crucified and suffered death. During this period, Christians are urged to among others Pray, Fast and give Alms to the needy and mend broken relationships.