Four domestic workers arrested over death of minister Kibuule’s twins

Four domestic workers arrested over death of minister Kibuule's twins
Water minister Ronald Kibuule's twins, Raymond Kato and Rayden Waswa who drowned in a swimming pool will be buried Wednesday 15th, May 2019 at their grandfather's home in Kapeke village Nama sub county Mukono district.

Police has arrested four domestic workers, from the home of state minister for Water and Environment Ronald Kibuule following the death of his two children.

The twin boys Raiden Kato and Raymond Wasswa aged two years drowned on Monday evening in a family swimming pool in Mbalala, Mukono district. It is alleged that the twins escaped from the maids and ended up in a swimming pool located about 600 meters from the main house at around 5.30pm.

Steven Kaate, the administrator of Sir Albert General clinic who received them for the first examination told this publication that the boys were dead, long before they were taken to hospital.

Four domestic workers arrested over death of minister Kibuule's twins
The swimming pool from where the two boys drowned

Those arrested include Nalubwama Scovia, 32, Nankunda Peace, 23, Lawrence Kibaya the shamba boy and Kumanya Agripa, a security officer, according to a statement released by Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango.

He says that the four are charged with rash or negligent act under section 227 of the penal code Act. The provision stipulates that any person who causes the death of another person by any rash or negligent act is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding seven years or to a fine not exceeding Shs 70,000 or to both.

Earlier, Kibuule told mourners at his home in Mbalala, that the two boys do not usually play around the swimming pool area. He says that the two were more addicted to playing with cars and enjoyed being driven around. Kibuule said he has no doubt that his sons, young and innocent as they were, ended up in heaven and he will also work towards going to heaven to eventually meet them.

Four domestic workers arrested over death of minister Kibuule's twins
A post-mortem examination conducted by police authorities found that Ronald Kibuule’s twins drowned in a swimming pool and ruled out any foul play.

Mukono Diocese Bishop James William Ssebaggala also used the occasion to appeal to families to give more attention to children under their custody, in order to avert accidents arising out of human error. The two minors will be buried today Thursday in Mukono district.