I want a modern Uganda – Museveni

I want a modern Uganda – Museveni
President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has urged the Karimojong to wake up from what he describes as traditional practices to the modern era.

The President, who was on a wealth creation tour in Karamoja, rallied the Karimojong to embrace modern agriculture, industrialization, business and technology.

He said that the Karimojong can only fight poverty after embracing new changes in various sectors.

The President urged the Karimojong to move from subsistence agriculture to commercial and value addition.

On the question of the proposed abolition of Nomadic Pastoralism, Museveni insisted that nomadism is dangerous for the community.

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He explained that nomadism affects livelihoods, health, education and the social status of pastoralists.

Museveni observed that major issues influencing nomadism especially animal diseases and water are being addressed.

The President urged Karimojong to explore growing of trees for fruits and other better framing practices to help the region.

In his two day’s tour, Museveni met Karamoja leaders, commissioned Moroto Bus Terminal and held a rally in Nabilatuk district before holding press conference at Morulinga State Lodge.