Stop calling Bugingo Pastor – Rev. Canon Mwesigye

Stop calling Bugingo Pastor - Rev. Canon Mwesigye
Pastor Bugingo recently graduated with a certificate in Christian Culture

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Rev. Canon Aaron Mwesigye, the Director for Religious Affairs in the Office of the President has told Ugandans to stop referring the embattled head of House of Prayers Ministries, Aloysius Bugingo as a Pastor.

According to Canon Mwesigye, Bugingo’s conduct doesn’t reflect someone who serves God. Canon Mwesigye, who oversees religious activities in the country, says Bugingo is a mad man who needs help.

“It’s very unfortunate for a pastor to behave the way Bugingo does. His behavior demeans the image of pastors in public. He is damaging the reputation of fellow pastors in this country. If you go in public and expose your weakness or sickness, you are either mentally perturbed or someone that should not be regarded as a pastor. People who are calling him a pastor should disregard it and disown him,” he said.

Adding that, “I disown Bugingo for exposing his wife and marital status. He is talking about divorce is as if it is part of his pastoral duty. Divorce goes against the scripture and the Christian doctrine that we follow. Every pastor or Christina leader follows the teaching of Jesus Christ, which is against divorce.”

He wants Bugingo to step down from the leadership of House Prayer Ministries International and undergo intensive counseling so as to reform. He says this is the only way Bugingo’s reputation as a pastor can be restored.

“If you wed couples but divorce your wife that is a contradiction of your conscience and it is madness of the highest order as far as the degree of madness goes in this country. Bugingo is mad and instead of taking him to courts of law, church leaders and elders should counsel him so that he gets to a point where he can publicly apologize for all the wrong that he had done,” he said.

His comments come a few hours after the leadership of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda-NFBPC and Elder’s Fellowship of Uganda issued a joint statement publicly denouncing Bugingo.

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The statement that is jointly signed by Bishop Joshua Lwere, the General Overseer of the NFBPC, Bishop Daniel Waddimba, the National Public Relations Officer NFBPC and Rev. Dr. Simon Emiau, the Chairperson of the Elders Fellowship of Uganda, notes that Bugingo’s behavior goes against Christian doctrine.

They noted that Bugingo’s continued abuse of the pulpit to address his marital dispute with his estranged wife, Teddy Naluswa isn’t right. Bugingo has been involved in a public altercation with Naluswa, who he accuses of ganging up with their daughter to try and steal public property.

Naluswa on the other hand accuses Bugingo of hiding behind church property to hide his extra marital affairs. Our reporter tried to reach out to Bugingo to respond to the admonishment by the church elders and Canon Mwesigye in vain as he could neither return nor pick calls from our reporter.

Our reporter visited the House of Prayer Ministry International church hoping to speak to Bugingo by was blocked by the ushers from accessing the premises. An administrator as his Salt Media told our reporter on condition of anonymity that Bugingo is not bothered by the statement from NFBPC.

“The pastor received the statement by Email but the introduction of the letter is clear. Pastor Bugingo disassociated himself from the umbrella organization. The letter was to no effect. The person it was addressed to, doesn’t subscribe to any organization or group that governs born-agains,” he said.

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Bugingo operates independently as he doesn’t subscribe to evangelical organisation. He has for long been a very strong critic of born again churches being part of the inter-religious council.