ADF rebel group isn’t wiped out, still poses grievous threat to Uganda

ADF rebel group isn't wiped out, still poses grievous threat to Uganda
Over the years, ADF rebel group had been weakened, not wiped out, and had lost few of its commanders. COURTESY PHOTO

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The head of awareness at police’s Directorate of Counter-Terrorism, Hussein Nsobya has stated that the arrest of Jamil Mukulu, the head of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), did not wipe out the structures of the rebel group.

Nsobya says that Uganda is threatened by ADF remnants both within the country and abroad who are regrouping and plotting to launch violent attacks on unsuspecting civilians. Nsobya has said this during a sensitization meeting on the dangers of terrorism held at the Iganga district headquarters on Friday 9, August 2019.

The meeting which comprised local leaders, area residents and Community Liaison Officers from Busoga East Police Region was facilitated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) under their project of driving away youth from acts of violent extremism.

Nsobya says that some extremists have resorted to employing religion to lure unemployed youth into acts of terrorism with promises of bettering their lives. He tasked the public to volunteer information to security organizations in order to help them curtail the emergence of terror attacks.

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Nsobya has charged parents of needy children to probe Non-Government Organizations before giving away their young ones for possible assistance. He argues that some messiahs enclave on the public’s ignorance to breed terrorism activities, citing the ADF approach through which Madrasa schools that were meant to offer free education ended up promoting violent extremism.

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Michael Kisitu, the assistant Project Coordinator at IOM says that they conducted a study earlier this year which indicated that unsuspecting youth from the districts of Mayuge, Iganga, Namayingo, and Namutumba, have been recruited to join ADF and other terrorist groups within the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in the guise of offering them meaningful employment.

Kisitu says that upon finalizing their two-months’ research, they decided to interact with stakeholders on how best to tackle cases of violent extremism among the youth.